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  • Launch for The New Rave Gear and Rave Clothes Store

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    Rave Clothing done right!

    We would like to thank all of our friends, family, and followers for helping us kick off our journey of creating a great rave clothing store - selling things from diffraction glasses to neon glow in the dark orbits.  We are confident you will find our rave wear high quality and our customer service appealing. We will continue to grow our product line and the products we offer our customers. We will always put our customers first and will always ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the product and the experience from buying from us here at Rave Galore. As we continue to grow we will offer promotions and other types of giveaways to help grow our brand as we take this company to the next step. We would once again just show our thanks to all who are supporting us in creating the next top leading brand in the Rave clothing/accessories field and we will continue to show our appreciation to our great followers, and customers. All the people who sign up for our e-mail listing will automatically always be enlisted in our giveaways as a potential winner, so please sign up to our E-mail as well, so you can see when we are offering promotions and other giveaways so you can make sure you are always looking the best when you go to your Raves. 

    A special thank you to our partnership with our friends at GloFx for being our first supplier of rave products.

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