How We Started

Rave Galore is a Rave clothing and accessories store, owned and ran by two friends who have grown up attending Raves. We loved the Rave scene and loved way people dressed while at the concerts. We decided to share our passion with others by offering products in the field we love to work in.  We believe our passion for raves and our selection of products work cohesively for a better company and better customer satisfaction.


Our mission is ensure we deliver high quality rave products at competitive prices, so that our customers can rave better than ever. Show up to the next rave wearing our apparel and experience what it's like being the center of attention.

Our Rave Products

We work with manufacturers that are based in the United States to ensure top-notch, quality rave products and rave gear.  Our Florida manufacturer prides itself with  innovating, engineering, and developing its very own high quality LED and Glow products.

Our products offered:

glofx rave gear