what are diffraction glasses

What are Diffraction Glasses?


Diffraction glasses are also called Prism Glasses, Rainbow Glasses, Firework Glasses, Rave Glasses, Lightshow Glasses, Laser Glasses, Refraction Glasses, and EDM Glasses.


Diffraction Glasses Uses

Diffraction glasses have many uses, but are mostly used in the rave, firework, and among the science crowd.  Light shows, Christmas lights, EDM events, and 3D movies all are enhanced with diffraction glasses.


How Diffraction Glasses Work

Diffraction glasses simply take light rays and pass them through a "grating."  The grating splits the light into a spectrum of colors.  White light it transformed into the full color spectrum (producing a rainbow effect).

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Types of Diffraction Glasses We Offer

Standard: Our standard product line includes diffraction lenses within our traditional plastic frame.

Ultimate: Ultimate glasses have are 30% more intense than other diffraction glasses and are built using our "virtually indestructible" frame and lenses.

Matrix: We call these quadruple diffraction glasses and they are twice as strong as our Ultimate line.

Luminescence: We have luminescent glasses in many styles, including shutters, diffraction, and kaleidoscopic glasses.  These glasses are different because they light up.

Kaleidoscope: These glasses are different than diffraction glasses because they are made of real glass crystals which create patterns rather than modifying the way you see light.  Luxury and style are both apparent in the remarkable quality of this product line. These glasses are truly art.

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kaleidoscope glasses explanation

What are Kaleidoscope Glasses?

First off, they are much different than diffraction because of how they work.  Kaleidoscope Glasses bend light through faceted lenses, creating duplicates of light waves. This effect is similar to that of a “bug eye” or repeating pattern. Some of our glasses are infused with rainbow coloring to create remarkable visual effects and colors. These glasses are a phenomenal experience and surely a level above our Diffraction Glasses in intensity.

Kaleidoscope Glasses are made of real glass. Our manufacturer, GloFX, manufactures all Kaleidoscope Glasses with superior craftsmanship in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. They manufacturer them better and have better styles than anyone else in the industry. They are built to be worn but are designed well enough to be displayed as art. If you want to experience something more intense than light diffraction, you absolutely must try on a pair of these glasses.

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