No purchase necessary.  Rewards are either gift cards to Rave Galore or products from our company.  Products given away may not be returned.  Gift cards have no cash value.

How to enter:

  • Follow us on Instagram @Rave_Galore, where we post about our contests
  • We may have contests that require you to repost one of our pictures on Instagram and tag us in the photo AND use a hashtag.  You can enter once per account per contest.
  • We may have contests that simply require you to like or comment on one of our photos to enter.
  • We may have contests that require you to tag several friends in the comments section under one of our photos.
  • We may have contests that require you to go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.  In short: emails are only sent with permission and we will never sell your email address.  You may opt-out at anytime at the bottom of any email.


  • Live in the United States and have a U.S. address
  • Be at least 13 years old, or older where laws require

Contest End:

  • Once a contest is over, we will announce the winner either in the comments section or in a new picture post.  The winner has three days to claim his or her prize by replying to our direct message within Instagram.  If the winner doesn't claim the prize within three days, another winner will be chosen and the claiming process repeated.